Oct 18

Juicing Fun

My husband and I have added juicing to our diets now for some time now. I’ve started to experiment with the flavor combinations and have come up with a few fun recipes and tidbits that I’ll share.

First the fun facts:

1) Juicing is messy. Don’t let any of the shows or documentaries fool you, this is a bit of work for the reward. If you don’t clean the machine as soon as you finish be warned. Much scrubbing and elbow grease will be needed to get the gunk out of the mesh filter. That stuff sets up like quick-crete!

2) Juicing is a super fun way to work out your aggression. Throw those apples and carrots in the chute, Whir chop, bam, juice out one side of the machine, gunk out the other.


Now the recipes. These make about two servings each.

Apple, Carrot, and Celery                                                                            Green Juice

6 carrots                                                                                                         4 handfuls of kale

6 stalks of celery                                                                                           1 lime

2 apples                                                                                                         2 handfuls of spinich

1 lime                                                                                                              2 apples

1 tsp of ginger                                                                                               1 tsp of ginger

6 stalks of celery


Try these and invent your own. Keep the ratio 2:1 for veggies to fruits. Enjoy!



Oct 13

Thor: The Dark World looks pretty sweet

Not only is Chris Hemsworth back with all of his hair and muscles, but fighting along side him is the velvet tounged Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Oh, and Chris Eccelston plays Malekith the dark elf who threatens the nine realms. It looks good, watch it here!

Oct 10

Pumpkin carving time 2013

When I was little, we never really celebrated Halloween in a big way. My mum made me costumes, and I went to parties or gatherings, but we never carved pumpkins at home. When I became an adult, I thought it was something I should try, and it turned out I was good at it! The trouble with pumpkins is that they rot, and all of my hours of excellent artistic endeavors turn to smelly mush after a few days and end up in the bin. Here’s my Spider-Man design of a few years ago.


 Enter my discovery into the world of foam pumpkins last year. They last forever, and though they take much longer to carve, it’s well worth it. I used a traditional pumpkin carving kit on my first attempt, but the outer skin of the foam was quite difficult to carve through, so I ended up just using the saw which took forever. This year, I’m incorporating a hot knife into the mix, and hopefully the design will turn out well. I’ll show my new one next to Iron Man for a comparison of the new tool.


Oct 06

Arrow season 2

One of my favorite shows from last year was Arrow, and season two is starting soon. If you didn’t catch this awesome show last season, here’s what it’s about:Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen, a billionaire who becomes shipwrecked and tortured on a remote island in the South Pacific for 5 years. He escapes and becomes a vigilante for justice in his hometown only using a bow and arrow.

While the show is based on the DC comic series Green Arrow, the producers have decided to keep any meta-humans with superpowers clear of the show. You won’t be seeing Superman or Wonder Woman running around the streets of Starling City, but we will get to see other DC characters this season.

Black Canary and The Flash will join the cast for season 2, as well as some more villains for Ollie to kick around. I can’t wait!


Oct 01

My favorite time of the year!


October has finally arrived! Up north, it means cooler air and the changing of leaves. Here in Florida, it means bales of hay and pumpkins for decorations and the smell of cinnamon brooms in the air.

My cats can sense the change in the season. Lannister always wants to be on the porch, he’s the wildest of our brood. He loves nothing more than chasing the hapless lizards he finds and yowling to the neighborhood that he’s outside. Grendel is our little diva, he definitely doesn’t like to be hot. He will go outside if I’m out there, but he doesn’t like to be trapped out there. Neko only likes to go outside when it’s cool. She sleeps most of the time, moving from one bed to another. Hey, she’s 17, sleeping is her life.

Like my cats, I’m wishing for cooler weather. I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Sep 25

Fall means cooking yummies


As we move farther into fall, we are still having a heat wave here in Florida. Our rains have turned into smoldering heat, and many of our plants are drying up. I’m scrambling to water when I can to keep my flowers and herbs happy.

I love trying new recipes, and with my husband and I trying to eat more healthy, the tips and tricks I’ve learned make it easier to make tasty and healthy dishes.

A few nights ago I made roasted butternut squash with blue cheese. The blue cheese was a little bit strong, but the richness of the dish would pair well with roasted chicken or pork.

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